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The 'Hand Guru' Arnold Tobin

✊🏽Founder & Inventor, Thenar Performance

✊🏽Fitness Consultant & Hand Strength Specialist

✊🏽Former member of The United States National Bobsled Team

✊🏽Two Time Olympic Trial Athlete

✊🏽Track & Field Champion

Olympic Trial Athlete

As a former track and field champion, National team member for the USA Bobsled and two time Olympic trial athlete, he has inside knowledge to the inner workings of the athlete.

✊🏽Athlete Perspective

✊🏽Olympic Experience

✊🏽Team Player

✊🏽Over 40 years of Experience


Physical Trainer

40 plus years as a pioneer in the personal training industry, developing programs and protocol for orthopedic surgeons, physicians, professional athletes, corporations and private individuals.

✊🏽Passion for Functional Strengthening

✊🏽Fitness Enthusiast

✊🏽Knowledge on Pain Relief through Stretching

✊🏽Inventor | Revolutionizing How We Train Our Muscles


Arnold Tobin is a fitness and health expert and consultant, athlete, inventor, Hand Strength Specialist, two-time Olympic trial athlete, former member of the US national Bobsled Team and Track & Field champion. He has been featured and quoted in national magazines and local media. Arnold has hosted seminars on fitness and health, and diagnostic workshops on hand and arm performance in sports and occupational injuries.

Arnold Tobin founded Fitness System Design, a full functional unilateral training system and method. He developed a unique percentage increment system rapidly increasing superior strength, muscle balance and flexibility. As a pioneer in the beginning of the personal training industry, he developed programs and protocol for orthopedic surgeons, physicians, and physical therapy businesses that specialized in working with the national football league and major-league baseball .
     “As a former champion, Arnold has inside knowledge of the inner workings of the athlete“

Arnold invented “Thenar Glove” a patented revolutionary compression and resistant glove system that functionally strengthens the hand simultaneously using all fingers, allowing isolating functional movements for superior strengthening of the finger, hand, wrist, and forearm. Thenar technology, resistance in each finger with functional movement, has three distinct strength levels. Thenar has been used to restore strength to the surgically repaired hand of Olympic gold medalist Paul Hamm for the 2008 Olympics. It has also been used by the Fairfax county police department, US Marine Corps, NFL team, professional baseball players (MLB ), professional basketball (NBA), United States professional tennis Association (USPTA) , mixed martial artist (MMA), and professional boxing. It has also been used for non-sports, occupational and non-occupational, diabetic neuropathy, stroke persons paraplegia, quadriplegia, and in the hair industry. Arnold has successfully eliminated RSI (repetitive stress injury) for individuals in leading industries, served as guest speaker on health fitness finger hand strength performance for teaching tennis professionals at the USPTA Eastern annual convention.

Arnold developed the “Arnold Principle,“ a method and system of functional sequenced stretching of the finger ,hand ,wrist and forearm to improve performance and eliminate and prevent injury.

Arnold Tobin‘s belief is that “ We are born equal , our lifestyle creates imbalance.“ His system of balance, repetition, and consistency is the heart of Thenar and is both the external and inner “Source of Strength.“

USA Bobsled Team

Arnold Tobin (age 30)

Arnold Tobin (age 45)

Modeling for "Class Magazine"

Arnold Tobin in Sweet 'n Low Commercial (1983)

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Arnold Tobin | 100 Lb Curls

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Thenar Glove with Dr. Lawrence Lubbers and Olympian Athlete Paul Hamm

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