Brand Purpose Statement

Empower All to Surpass Their Physical Limits

The Thenar Glove is a patented and revolutionary superior hand strengthening device created to give you elite hand and wrist strength and mobility for you to continue doing the things you love most. Created with the athlete in mind for best quality and functionality, the Thenar Gloves bring value across professional athletes, trainers, physical therapists, doctors, musicians, and numerous fields that count on our hands to get the job done. They will also help fight against diseases caused by repetitive hand strain/stress and aging, and help with post-surgery hand rehabilitation. Currently the Thenar Glove is the only hand strengthening device to have fully functional fingers, hand dexterity and range of motion.


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Thenar Glove
Thenar Glove and its FUNCTIONAL natural movement creates a new ACCESS and RECRUITMENT of  ALL muscles in the strengthening of the fingers, hands, wrists, extensors and flexors (forearm). The method to access and recruit ALL muscles in strengthening the hand is the customizing  snug fit , compression and  resistance and the  simultaneous movement of ALL fingers against resistance. The system for strengthening  is multiple levels of EXACT resistance. 
 What is Thenar glove?
A formulated Compression and resistant method and system   to strengthen the fingers ,hand ,wrist , extensor and flexor(forearm)
How does it work? 
Thenar Glove contains a Specialized patented Polymer creating unique resistance. 
** Specialized polymer,  as pressure is applied it absorbs and resist,  maintaining form and resistive strength for thousands of repetitions
 Each finger has its own resistance with routines to strengthen the  hand Naturally with functional movements. 
**Longest known continual usage 10 years , Thenar Glove maintained an 85 to 90 percentile of strength.
** Martial arts teacher and practitioner of “Qi Gong” .

Currently “Thenar” is the only hand strengthening device to have full functional finger, hand dexterity and range of motion. It is the first product designed to have a “natural function in finger, hand and wrist strengthening” Thenar’s resistance for individual fingers and thumb allows for superior hand strengthening. Thenar can be used anywhere and any time and is esthetic as well as functional.

There are three levels of glove strength:

  • Blue – Standard for women
  • Red – Standard for men
  • Black – “Professional” strength

NOTE: The Blue strength level can be used by men for injury recovery and rehabilitation. Also, the Red level can be used by very athletic women.

Thenar Glove was invented with the athlete in mind. However it has evolved to other professions, people and areas that require finger, hand, wrist, and forearm strength.


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Thenar Performance is a company improving human ability through invention, technology, calculated and un-calculated risk. Starting with dreams, global research, time, travel, and execution for results. Never the goal to be first however being the “best“ has lead Thenar Performance to become first and only.

Thenar glove is the first and only compression and resistant method and system to functionally strengthen all fingers individually; it’s the starting “anchor” to Thenar performance. Its concept and performance prowess has transferred to products under its umbrella. Many many people have benefited from its success. This has made us the best, unique and first. Our future holds more products and concepts that have been developed and are developing.

“All human made mountains can be climbed. One must find the right tool for the climb.“

Brand Vision Statement

Provide Strength Support and Pain Relief to People of All Ages, From Surgery Recovery Patients to Professional Athletes, to Musicians and Computer-Focused Working Employees

Brand Mission Statement

By Combining Resistance Training, Functionality, and Innovation, We Provide Tools to Help You Conquer Your Strength Goals, and Bring Physical Pain Relief, Injury Prevention and Recovery Awareness 

Brand Values

We Believe That Physical Strength Shouldn’t Limit You From Living Your Best Lifestyle and Doing the Things You Need and Love

Brand Positioning

We Emphasize Functional Strength Training in a Deeper Level to Make Resistance Strength Training Fit Perfectly Into Your Lifestyle While Strengthening as Many Muscles as Possible Within Each Exercise

Inventor/Founder Arnold Tobin