Thenar Gloves Injury Prevention

* Non-medical evaluation

A .Reduce swelling
Compression and resistance increases blood flow (vasodilation )and reduce fluid buildup ( extracellular )

B .Reduce swelling Post surgery .
Compression reduces fluid , increase blood flow,faster recovery.

C.Strengthens , fingers ,wrist ,extensors and flexors (forearm).
Customized fit of compression and resistance with each finger having its own resistance to formulated exercises and routine. It’s dexterity in design allows the fingers to access muscle in the hand multi- directionally

D. Improve hand dexterity and range of motion .
Functional and natural movement increases muscle access to improve finger and hand performance.

E . Shorten rehabilitation .
Multi directional movement , compression and resistance increases strength development at a faster rate

F. Reduce pain.
Increase flexibility ( Arnold Principle )and strength to the weakened area.

G . Reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis ,rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel .
Compression and resistance ,flexibility ,increase muscle strength , increase blood flow and muscle temperature.

H. Restore functional hand movements with functional exercises.
Multi directional movements and specific prescribed routines (exercises ) increasing muscle strength.

I . Improve hand function by increments.
Specific exercise routine with sets and repetitions and proportional increase.

J. Strengthen fingers, hand , wrist , forearm from injuries ,syndromes, arthritis ,tendinitis and degenerative disease.
Multi directional natural functional movement ,compression and resistance in each finger with specific routine and three exact strength levels.