What Is Thenar?

Welcome to Thenar glove, a patented and revolutionary hand strengthening glove. Each finger has its own resistance that allows for precise and balanced strengthening of the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms.

Currently “Thenar” is the only hand strengthening device to have full functional finger, hand dexterity and range of motion. It is the first product designed to have a “natural function in finger, hand and wrist strengthening” Thenar’s resistance for individual fingers and thumb allows for superior hand strengthening. Thenar can be used anywhere and any time and is esthetic as well as functional.

There are three levels of glove strength:

  • Blue – Standard for women
  • Red – Standard for men
  • Black – “Professional” strength

NOTE: The Blue strength level can be used by men for injury recovery and rehabilitation. Also, the Red level can be used by very athletic women.

Thenar Glove was invented with the athlete in mind. However it has evolved to other professions, people and areas that require finger, hand, wrist, and forearm strength.

Most hand injuries are caused by repetitive motion and non preparation for the tasks related to finger, hand, wrist and forearm strength.

Age and degenerative weakness create issues for everyday activities involving the hand extremity. The weakest and neglected areas on the body are the fingers, hands and wrists. To date, there are millions of active and sedentary people who wish to improve strength, eliminate pain, gain a better quality of life by having finger, hand, wrist, and forearm strength.

Arnold Tobin – Inventor

Arnold Tobin is a fitness and health expert and consultant for more than 25 years who has designed specialized fitness and health programs for private individuals, professional athletes, corporations, leading entertainers, pre and post rehabilitative persons.

He is a former Track and Field Champion and World Class 2 Time Olympic trial athlete and a former member of the United States National Bobsled Team.

He has been featured and quoted in national magazines and local newspapers.

Arnold has also hosted seminars in fitness and health and has been featured in national commercials.

Testimonials and Current Users

Marine Corps

“Ever since you stopped by Quantico, as predicted my grip strength is getting stronger. Not only am I amazed at the product itself and how it has increased my hand strength, but also I am equally impressed with how you stand behind your product. At first I was a bit skeptical (we get folks all the time trying to sell us snake oil), but I am now a “believer”. Jan, 2003

Major J. “Bullet” Bourgault – USMC

Martial Artist

“40 years of experience plus 4 World Titles qualifies me as an expert in Martial Arts. I would not start a training session without Thenar. “The Glove of Champions”.

–Grand Master Michael Willett 10th Degree Black Belt

Olympic Strength Conditioning Coach

“Power and strength is relative to the person attempting to achieve it, using Thenar will make your power come true!”

–John Philbin NFL & Olympic Conditioning Coach
World Boxing Assoc. Conditioning Specialist
President-National Strength Professional Assoc.

Physical Therapist

“Conventional methods will get the patients so far. Thenar’s alternative way of exercise, more functional has helped to expedite, improve faster and speed up the rehabilitation time”.

–Kenny Leecock PT

Specialized Auto Mechanic

“I use Thenar at night and during weekends. It strengthened my hands and arms and gave me a better grip. I have a bad Rotator Cuff but now I can force my arm almost straight. I can hang a muffler with out any help.”

–Stan Evans Mercedes Auto Specialist


“Lost contact with playing but now my hands are strong, nimble and I can play every note.”

–June Murphy Age 73, Arthritic Hand Patient


“Using Thenar has eliminated weakness in my hands, fingers and forearm. Now doing weight training, I am able to train heavier and harder.”

–Seda Oztopcu International Triathlete

Fitness Enthusiast

“41 years of training, has kept me in peak condition. An injury to my right knuckle affected my grip and training. Using Thenar allowed me to regain the power and strength that I once had.”

–Maxi – Age 53

Current Users

Professional Baseball
San Antonio Spurs Basketball
US Marine Corps Specialized Division
10th Degree Contact Martial Artist
Professional Strength Coach
Medical Doctors
Physical Therapists
Specialized Auto Mechanic
Arthritic Hand Patients
Fitness Professional Trainers
Professional Golfer LPGA Tour
Professional Boxers
Weight Lifters