Who Can Use It?

Thenar & You

You are the person who has spent years, months, weeks, days and minutes with conditional and unconditional discomfort and weakness to the fingers hands, wrists and forearms, due to occupational hazards, disease, aging, life style and sports. Thenar is a Patented, revolutionary “glove” that will help to increase strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility to the fingers, hands, wrists and ultimitely prevent injuries. Or you are the sports person looking to achieve superior and powerful finger, hand, wrist and forearm strength to greatly improve your chance of being the top athlete or competitor. (“Powerful hands – Competitive Edge”).

Train harder, compete more powerfully, never leaving a “pebble” unturned to become the best champion. However you may be content with preventing injury or increasing strength to the fingers, hands, wrists and forearm for your common activities such as golf, sailing, fly fishing, and gardening.

Who Can Use Thenar?

  • Professional/non-professional athletes
  • Professional/non-professional musicians
  • Individuals with weakened fingers, hands, wrists and forearms
  • Individuals recovering from medical procedures
  • Individuals with arthritic fingers and hands
  • Individuals with soreness, aches and pain
  • Individuals with carpal tunnel related symptoms
  • Individuals requiring superior fingers, hands, wrists and forearms strength
  • Individuals with various syndromes & diseases that affect finger, hand and grip strength.
  • Medical personal, for rehabilitation of their patients.

Who Can Use It?

Thenar & Sports

Thenar is obviously a critical technology for any professional, amateur or hobbyist athlete that could use a boost in performance from stronger, healthier hands and a powerful grip — basically, any athlete! Below are just some of the sports that regular Thenar use enhances:

Golf / Power Lifting / Tennis / Fly Fishing / Baseball / Judo
Basketball / Squash / Football / Auto Racing / Track & Field / Rock Climbing
Volleyball / Rodeo / Bowling / LaCrosse / Boxing / Field Hockey / Motor Cross
Weight Lifting / Water Sports / Arm Wrestling / Deep Sea Fishing / Wrestling Cricket / Martial Arts / Archery / Gymnastics / Sailing / Ice Hockey

To check out examples of the types of easy workouts with Thenar that will increase your performance, take a look at our User Guide.

Who Can Use It?

Thenar & Music

For great performers of music it is practice and more practice to achieve great musical success. From the piano to wind and string instruments, finger and hand endurance are one of the signatures for excellence.

When the musician performs, it may be one to two hours of actual playing, however, the musician may practice hours everyday. Thenar will provide with its new patented technology precise strengthening of the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. Practice is repetitive specific exercise. Using Thenar will enhance the musicians playing performance. Sometimes musical injury can come from repetitive motion. The Thenar training system will help to prevent finger and hand muscle strain with pre-conditioning and preset exercises.

Who Can Use It?

Thenar & Rehabilitation

Once you have seen a physician or therapist one must always follow the prescribed prescription, “general” hand strenghtening will be achieved. To continue strengthening, Thenar will augment and facilitate a new balance ,strengthening of the fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms.

Medical personal (Physician and Therapist) will concentrate and restore function to the affected area. For example a broken wrist that affects the thumb’s strength, once healed the focus will be to restore the thumb’s strength. However having the hand immobile during healing, the pinky, ring, middle and index fingers will have lost strength but rehabilitation will be directed to the thumb. Thenar training system will strengthen the fingers individually and simultaneously in normal functioning movements that will increase power, flexibility and dexterity to all the fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms.